1,1 tonnes of cocaine found on Maersk ship

1,1 tonnes of cocaine found on Maersk ship

07-08-2018 12:00:00

The Colombian navy has seized 1144 packages that each contains 1 kilos of pure cocaine. The packages were found onboard the container ship Cap San Tainaro that is owned by German shipping company Hamburg Süd, which is part of Maersk Line.

According to the Colombian navy, the container ship was on its way to Caucedo in the Dominican Republic when Colombian authorities came onboard the ship. The ship, which had Antwerpen as its final destination, was escorted to the Colombian port town Barranquilla where a search of the ship revealed the large amount of cocaine that was hidden in a container.

15 people have been arrested in connection to the case. It is still unclear whether any of the suspects are part of the ships crew.

The container ship was then given permission to continue its sailing and arrived in Caucedo in the Dominikan Republic on Monday night.

Hamburg Süd has not commented on the case.

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