New troubles surrounding tanker in Aalbęk bugt

New troubles surrounding tanker in Aalbęk bugt

30-07-2018 12:00:00

19 Russian sailors, who have been onboard a Turkish tanker located in Aalbęk Bugt, have not received payment for a period of five months. ITF wants to take up the case, but in order to do so they need power of attorney from the crewmembers.

The tanker Natig Aliyev has anchored in Aalbęk Bugt since February 7, where the vessel was held back due to bank debt and failure of paying crewmembers their salaries. In cooperation with some Danish organizations, ITF made sure the crewmembers were provided with food and beverages onboard the tanker.

After this the crew was replaced, but it has now been reported that the new crew has not received payment for the last five months, according to TV2 Nord.

The crew has been taken care of in regards of receiving food and water.

A promise made by the owner of the tanker, Turkish shipping company Palmali, of disbursing the salaries by July 17 was not fulfilled, which has made the crew deeply frustrated. Palmali has made a new promise of that the salaries will be disbursed by August 1.

The international shipping union ITF is ready to take up the case, but the crewmembers are not ready to give them power of attorney of the situation, which is a requirement for the union if they are to take up the case.

Source: TV2 Nord / Maritime Danmark

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