Vehicle carrier is unexpectedly off grounds

Vehicle carrier is unexpectedly off grounds

30-07-2018 10:00:00

Heavy winds caused the unexpected as the Japanese vehicle carrier Makassar Highway that ran aground pulled away from rock grounds, on the night to Sunday. The ship is now floating and anchored, but the ship has released large amounts of fuel oil which has reached the coast. This has caused an extensive environmental effort on the scene.

It has currently not been determined how much oil the ship has released. But on Sunday evening, Swedish authorities reported that they had collected 7.000 litres. At the same time, authorities are warning citizens not to come in contact with the oil that has gathered along the coasts of Skærgaarden.

”We are doing everything we can to prevent more oil to reach land”, says Roger Gebauer, on-sight commander of Kustbevakningen.

Makassar Highway has been towed off the coast and is no longer leaking oil, according to Kystbevakningen. A salvage crew started emptying the vessels fuel tanks on Monday morning.

The Swedish authorities were aware that there was holes in two of the vessels fuel tanks, but large parts of the vessel was stuck on rock grounds and thus the vessel was not suited for examination.

It seems to be a surprise to the Swedish authorities that the vessel could break free from rock grounds before the salvage plans were approved, and the tasks of emptying of the vessels fuel tanks was completed.

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