New diving investigation of vehicle carrier

New diving investigation of vehicle carrier

31-07-2018 10:00:00

Divers from the rescue company will conduct new investigations of the Japanese vehicle carrier that went aground on the Swedish east coast last week. The investigations will determine the necessary measurements for the ship to be towed into port without causing further pollution.

No matter the circumstances, the ship has to be emptied of all fuels and other environmentally damaging substances, a task that is currently in progress. At this moment the ship shows no sign of losing oil.

In the meantime, the Swedish authorities are continuing to collect as much oil as possible from the waters surrounding the vessel, and are doing their best to prevent more oil from reaching the coasts of the area.

The waters in which these tasks are taking place have been cut of for other ship traffic.

At this moment, no information has been given about how the oil emissions has affected the rich wildlife of the area, but there is a good chance that this information will become public when the Swedish authorities hold their press conference later today.

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