Caos on ferry car deck preceding engine fail

Caos on ferry car deck preceding engine fail

01-08-2018 12:00:00

17 cars collided on a ferry car deck when one of the two main engines on Villum Clausen’s suddenly went out, as the express ferry was on a crossing from Ystad to Rønne last tuesday. A single passenger experienced minor injuries.

The shipping company has explained that the ship's computer automatically performs a ”shut down” if it detects an error in one of the ship's gas turbines. It is this rapid shutdown of the engine that the passengers experienced.

The cars that collided on the car deck all escaped the incident with minor damage. When the ferry arrived in Rønne, the cars were pulled aside in order to register the damages.

The passenger who was injured was a little girl who experienced minor burns as she spilled the warm cup of coffee she was carrying.

The express ferry is still in the port of Rønne.

Source: TV2/Bornholm / Maritime Danmark

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