Makassar Highway has reached Oskarshamn

Makassar Highway has reached Oskarshamn
Photo: Uskarshamns Komunn

02-08-2018 12:00:00

Thursday morning, the damaged car vehicle Makassar Highway is being towed into the port of Oskarhamn, where a large enviromnetal crew awaits the vessel. The towing process was completed without to many difficulties.

Before entering the port, two more tugboats were attached to the tow, one on the back which would slow down the vehicle carrier, and one next to it.

During the last nautical miles of sailing, Makassar Highway led out smaller portions of oil and oil residue.

"As soon as the ship reaches port, flood barriers will be put in place to prevent further emissions," said Mattias Heneborn, rescue leader at Oskarhamns Räddningstjänst, which has now taken over responsibility for the operation.

On Wednesday afternoon, the vehicle carrier had a smaller oil leak, which was due to an attempt of increasing the speed level from the 1.5 knots that the carrier had moved with most of the tow. But the attempt was quickly abandoned as it triggered oil spill.

The Swedish Coast Guard’s environmental vessels gathered the oil spill immediately.

The next step in the process is to empty Makassar Highway of the 1,300 cars onboard, to ease the load of the hull, which has been weakened by extensive crack. The remaining fuel will also be emptied from the ship's fuel tanks.

By emptying all the fuel tanks Swedish authorities can get a clearer estimate of how much oil the vehicle carrier has led out. The current predictions are rather unclear.

Emptying Makassar Highway will happen in a safe manner and the vessels stability will we studied carefully.

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