Express ferry service shuts down

Express ferry service shuts down

27-07-2018 10:00:00

The owner of the summer route between Aarhus and Samsø has decided to throw in the towel. This decision is the result of a further evaluation of the head engine that broke last week, as the evaluation shows that their is most likely a hidden error in the engine.

”We are now changing the engine and we also plan to change the second ’healthy’ engine. This task is time consuming, but we believe the ship will be ready around September 1” Writes the express ferry’s owner, Hans Froholt, on the company’s website.

"Unfortunately, we believe that we are not able to acquire the economic factors to run the ship as a private institution on the Samsø route in the cold months and we must therefore announce that the route is terminated. Our plan is to offer the ship for charter either in Denmark or abroad from September after renovation is done. "

"We must apologize to all the people who have supported us, we are sincerely sorry that we are not able to solve this task. It should be noted that anyone who has purchased a ticket after the stop last week will have their money reimbursed - this transaction has been started, but it may take up to 10 business days, " the letter further says.

A survey shows that the majority of Samsø’s citizens wish to have an express ferry route to Aarhus.

"If we are having an express route, it must be something the municipality is in charge of, but only if the economic factors are present," says Carsten Bruun, member of Samsø district council, to TV2 East Jutland.

Sometime in the coming spring, the district counsel will look further in to the possibility of a new express ferry route between Aarhus and Samsø.

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