Issehoved out of service for a week

Issehoved out of service for a week

23-07-2018 12:00:00

The new express ferry route between Samsø and Aargus, Issehoved, has once again been struck by bad luck. This time it is the main engine that has broke, and therefore the ferry is expected to be out of service for the rest of this week. The engine broke as the ferry had departed Samsø on Sunday morning, and arrived at the harbour at 14.15 o’clock after a long delay.

Passengers who have booked tickets between now and July 31 will be reimbursed – though it will take up till 10 days before the money is back in your account.

The company expects the problem to be solved this week, and thus return to sail. If this does not happen, the rest of the passengers will be reimbursed for their tickets.

Passengers are referred to Samsø Rederi.

Samsø Rederi will continue to give updates on the situation through facebook and the company’s website


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