Russian harrasment in the Zea of Azov

Russian harrasment in the Zea of Azov

25-07-2018 12:00:00

The cold war between Russia and Ukraine continues to show its presence after the World Cup in Russia has ended. Recently, the Russian Coast Guard for no apparent reason has detained a Dutch cargo ship heading to a Ukrainian port.

According to website Fleetmoon, the Dutch cargo ship Zuidvliet was detained by Russian Coast Guard’s in the Zea of Azov for two hours on July 24. The Russian Coast Guard’s has not declared a reason for the detainment.

Zuidvliet was heading from Constanta in Rumania to Mariupol, a Ukranian port i the Zea of Azov, when the incident occurred.

This is the second time that the Russian authorities have harassed the Dutch cargo ship. Previously, Zuidvliet was forced to wait 24 hours for Russian permission to go through the Kerch Strait that connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Azov.

Since the start of July, at least eight cases of harassment by Russians towards the Ukrainian Ocean has been reported.

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