Sailors are saving hundreds from fires

Sailors are saving hundreds from fires

25-07-2018 10:00:00

Greek ships have saved hundreds of people who have escaped to ocean to avoid the extreme forest fires that are currently haunting the many dry areas of Greece. The forest fires have cost at least 77 lives so far.

Smaller boats have sailed to the inner coasts to pick up people who did not make it far in to the waters, while larger boats and ferries have focused on saving people who swum as far away from the coast as they possibly could. A few people have been rescued in the ocean with a distance of 5 nautical miles from land.

Greek media are celebrating sailors who are risking their lives to save others in need.

The area around the Greek seaport Rafina is amongst the hardest hit, while the city’s port and ferry routes departing from there is still in service.

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