Ferry out of service due to vandalism

Ferry out of service due to vandalism

26-07-2018 10:00:00

The ferry service sailing on Randers Fjord between Udbyhøj South and Udbyhøj Nord was exposed to vandalism. The vandalism executed by two men triggered the ferry’s rescue fleet Wednesday. The ferry is not allowed to sail without the safety equipment in order and the ferry is therefore out of service, Randers Fjord Ferry Service informs on their Facebook page.

The ferry service has sufficient video material of the vandalism, which has been handed over to the police department for the investigation of finding the perpetrators.

Viking, Esbjerg is currently in the midst of getting a new fleet ready for the ferry and the company expects to be able to detach the redeemed fleet and replace it with a new fleet tonight so the ferry can resume to sailing Friday morning.

The vandalism has added up to approximately 100.000 Danish kroner that covers re packaging the fleet, renting reserve fleet, mounting, lost income during standby period.

The ferry service hopes that Ragna, Mellerup-Voer, which sails the same route, can take in the extra guests in the mean time, who will hopefully take advantage of the service, while the Cable ferry is under construction.

Source: Randers Fjords Færgefart / Maritime Danmark

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