Helicopter rescues people from aground ship

Helicopter rescues people from aground ship

02-07-2018 11:00:00

On Tuesday the 6th of March 2018, the freight carrier Betanzos sunk to the bottom of the waters near Lisbon, off the coast of the Bugio Island in Portugal. 10 crewmembers were evacuated by helicopter due to heavy storms in the area. There is now a video of the rescue operation surfacing the Internet.

The ship was heading towards Morocco, when it suddenly hit the bottom of the waters as a result mechanical failure. Two days later, crewmembers were evacuated. The accident occurred due to heavy winds and waves that began to break over the distressed ship, as seen in the video.

The accident caused little damage to the ship and there were no holes in the hull of the ship. On the morning of March 16, the aground ship was dragged off the ground and tugged to Lisbon.


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