Pragmatic access to sulfur rules is necessary

Pragmatic access to sulfur rules is necessary

19-06-2018 13:00:00

A group consisting of the world's largest shipping organizations - Bimco, ICS, Intercargo, Intertanko and WSC - urges harbor states to be "pragmatic" in relation to compliance with the new sulfur regulations from 2020.

The organizations are asking the IMO to speed up the process of completing the details of the new rules that prohibit the use of fuel by more than 0.5 percent sulfur if the ships are not equipped with scrubbers.

They warn that presenting the rules will be complex due to the huge number of ships they cover and the expected change in fuel requirements. Not least, many ships need to use new blend products that do not comply with existing ISO standards. And if these new blends are not compatible, it can cause serious safety issues due to reduced engine power, the organizations point out.

In view of the anticipated problems in relation to obtaining the right fuel, "it is important that the port state control authorities are pragmatic and realistic in their approach to enforcement" of the new rules in the first months of 2020, they believe. The shipping industry have been aware of the new rules since 2016.

Source: Maritime Executive

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