Molslinjen gets discount in Rønne

Molslinjen gets discount in Rønne

04-06-2018 12:00:00

The more passengers Molslinjen transports to Bornholm, the more discount the shipping company receives from the Port of Rønne. This is the essence of a deal that has just been made beteween the port and Molslinjen. The discount will be transported to Destination Bornholm, who will be using the money to attract more guests to Bornholm.

”The purpose is to support Destination Bornholm’s work of attracting more tourists. We have a natural interest in this, as with this deal we will receive more discount, the larger our volume is. We are happy that the Port of Rønne A/S and Molslinjen A/S in this way has reached out to all partners. This is beneficial to Bornholm,” Says Carsten Jensen, CEO of Molslinjen A/S.

The Port of Rønne A/S and Molslinjen A/S, which takes over the ferry service from September 1, has agreed on an incentive deal which means that Destination Bornholm ApS has been secured at least one million kroner annually for a period of 10 years as a result of the volume discount the Port of Rønne has given Molslinjen to the three ferry routes.

"We have entered into this deal because, we from the port naturally have an interest in attracting and maintaining activities to the port. This will impact the other business activities on the island in a positive manner and support the already good work we are looking forward to at Destination Bornholm, "says Thomas Bendtsen, CEO of Rønne Havn A / S.

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