Maersk will be in competition with itself

Maersk will be in competition with itself

13-06-2018 15:00:00

A.P. Møller – Maersks subsidiary Damco wants to establish a rail transport service between China and Europe that will cut transport time for containers shipped by ships with 20 days. The new service will thereby be in direct competition with Maersk Lines container ships.

"We are aware of the pressure our customers are under in regards to reducing the time it takes to transport goods from place of source to business. We have seen incredible decrease in demands for rail transport, which is a reliable and fast alternative to maritime shipping," says Kasper Krog, Global Manager of Damco's transport activities.

According to Damco, the weekly east-west rail transport service will reduce 20 days compared to the current maritime transport, and at the same time increase reliability and create greater transparency across the supply chain.

Damco's GPS tracking system will give customers a "detailed insight into where their containers are currently located" and that they are in safe conditions on the intercontinental travel.

Damco Rail was founded in 2014 and have in a short time come to offer a number of rail solutions, including a combined rail and truck service between Vietnam and Europe through China.

Source: TradeWinds / Maritime Danmark

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