Issehoved returns to Samsø

Issehoved returns to Samsø

30-05-2018 10:00:00

Sundbusserne and MarCore Shipping, who are the owners of the former Samsø ferry Issehoved, will be reinforced on its route between Aarhus and Samsø. The ferry will sail the route for a period of three months to start with. This period could be extended if it proves to be commercially succesful.

"The route between Samsø and Aarhus is starting up again with the ferry Issehoved, and MarCore Shipping is therefore looking for sailors for this route who has a Coastal Skipper diploma as a minimum and two navigators / Ship assistants with minimum Certificate of Compass. It's an advantage if you have taken ferry courses” Sundbusserne writes in a job advertisement on the Maritime Denmark website Tuesday 29th of May

Hans Froholdt confirmed on Wednesday evening to TV2 ØSTYLLAND that Marcore Shipping, if everything goes according to the plan, will lead a summer route with three to four daily trips from June 28. The ferry will be based in Aarhus and not like the last time it sailed on the route in 2016. The ferry starts and ends its day of sailing in Aarhus.

Issehoved returns to Denmark after a short-term contract in the Faroe Islands, where it it took over M / F Ternan’s route, who usually sails on the route between Tórshavn and Nólsoyargjørð. The ferry has been in shipyard since April.

Issehoved is expected to start sailing on Samsø on 28 June, according to Froholt, because the ship has to be transported on a freighter from Faroe Islands back to Aarhus.

"The route will start from Århus, and if you do not live nearby, we can assist you with accommodation of your own apartment in Aarhus. The task is 1: 1 with 14 days on and 14 days off. The ship is nationally flagged and ordinary taxes are included in pay. The ship will have a tryout on 27/6 and will be in operation 28/6 so we will have to ask for your application soon ", Sundbussernes's job postings further elaborates.

Source: Redaktionen og TV2/Østjylland

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