Denmark re-elected for IALA Council

Denmark re-elected for IALA Council

29-05-2018 15:00:00

For the first time in the IALA Council’s 61-year-old history, organizations had to campaign for a seat at the council. Denmark was re-elected due to the countries long-term effort in the organization. The Danish Maritime Authority can look forward to a new exciting four-year term in the Board, the so-called IALA Council.

"I'm glad that Denmark once again gets a seat in the board of IALA. IALA is undergoing a very exciting development, which includes aims to go from being an NGO to an IGO - an international intergovernmental organization. In addition to this, they put more focus on digitization and use of new technology, which makes IALA's work incredibly interesting, "says Andreas Nordseth, CEO of the Danish Maritime Authority.

The increasing focus on digitization has for example resulted in collaborative project between IALA and the Danish Maritime Authority on the now completed EfficienSea2 project. The project brought together 32 international partners under the Danish Maritime Authority's management, to develop and implement digital solutions for more efficient, safe and sustainable shipping traffic.

Denmark has been part of the IALA Council since its establishment in 1957. The Danish Maritime Authority has therefore historically had a strong presence and influence on IALA's work for safe navigation and increased sailing safety.

IALA is an abbreviation for the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities. IALA is a maritime NGO that brings together maritime authorities, manufacturers, consultants and researchers from around the world. Their aim is to promote the exchange of experiences and results on navigational safety and navigation across professional groups and expertise.

Source: Søfartsstyrelsen / Maritime Danmark

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