Prince Joachim participates in Folk Meeting

Prince Joachim participates in Folk Meeting

29-05-2018 14:00:00

The Danish shipping organization Det Blå Danmark will as usual be welcoming the Danish political festival Folkemødet (Folk Meeting) onboard the passenger ship named Postboat Peter in the Port of Allinge. The passenger ship will function as forum for a long list of debates, and will even be paid a royal visit on Friday June 15, when H.R.H Prince Joachim of Denmark opens and participates in the debate ’Blue growth and world measurements’.

"H.R.H Prince Joachim has a major interest and insight into the maritime industry and I am looking forward to welcoming him onboard to a dialogue about the many new approaches we can use to, with respect for the world measurements, exploit the resources and opportunities of the sea, "says CEO of Danske Maritime Jenny N. Braat.

Aside from Prince Joachim, CEO of Danske Maritime, Jenny N. Braat, CEO, Maersk Energy Division and Vice CEO, A.P.Moller-Maersk Group, Claus Hemmingsen as well as Vice President of Innovationsfonden, Tore Duvold will be participating on the debate.

The event takes place on Friday June 15 from 14.00 to 14.45 on Poastboat Peter – Dock spot H7 in Allinge. The three Danish shipping organizations Danske Maritime, Danske Rederier and Danske Havne will together be representing Det Blå Danmark at the Folk Meeting 2018.

This will be the sixth time the Folk Meeting takes place in Allinge. This year the political festival runs from June 14-17.

Source: Danske Maritime / Maritime Danmark

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