Search for man overboard is in progress

Search for man overboard is in progress

25-05-2018 12:00:00

The Danish Defence's Operation Center began a search at 02.05 o'clock Friday for a man who was seen fall overboard on Thursday by several crewmembers onboard the cargo ship Chris located south of Amager, the Danish Defence's watchman informs.

"We believe that it is no longer likely that we will find him on the water surface. We started the search within a very small area. We then expanded this area to 24 square kilometres because the wind and power conditions changed, "says watchman Jesper Lyngholm to Ritzau, according to DR.

The report that the man had fallen overboard was called in around 22.00. Rescue services from both Sweden and Denmark participated in searching for him.

The cargo ship Chris has 76,629 DWT and sails under the Marshall Islands flag. The vessel was locate about four nautical miles east-south-east of Amager when the man fell in the water. The ship turned around and searched for about one hour for the man before it returned to its planned route.

At the time of 08.50, the ship is located near Ystad in Sweden heading East.

Source: Redaktionen / Maritime Danmark

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