Green industri are thriving in Aalborg

Green industri are thriving in Aalborg

08-05-2018 12:00:00

More environmental companies have decided to establish themselves or expand at the Port of Aalborg. None less than 16 companies that deal with recycling of different raw materials are attached to the port. It is an industry that the port sees a lot of potential in for the future.

"The recycling industry is expanding fast these years as a result of a political focus on waste management in the majority of the world’s countries, as well as an increasing awareness from consumers. This is a positive development, which we have in recent years have turned into a strategic business area at the Port of Aalborg, "says CEO Claus Holstein.

At the port, the increased focus on recycling has resulted in an area specifically dedicated to companies who work with environmental concerns, who collect and process different types of waste and residues and sell it to recycling purposes.

This type of companies normally requires a significant amount of space. Aside from this there are specific demands for these areas, as dealing with environmental work is often connected with loud noises, dust and a lot of traffic. H.J. Hansen in Aalborg deal with 55-60 thousand tons of thrash a year. This creates a lot of traffic on land and at sea.

Source: Aalborg havn / Maritime Danmark

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