Port of Skagen gets record-breaking year

Port of Skagen gets record-breaking year

03-05-2018 14:00:00

When the American cruise ship "Brilliance of the Seas" on Thursday May 3 at 07.00 am, stops at the port of Skagen and releases its 2,500 guests to the popular destination in North Jutland, the ship simultaneously sets of a record breaking cruise ship season for the history of Skagen.

"The development clearly proves that North Jutland and particularly Skagens brand has made an impact on the picky cruise ship companies. We have sharpened the story of Skagen as an authentic cultural hotspot in the lead of Europe, and at the same time cruise ship facilities have been upgraded, "says Rene Zeeberg, Managing Director of Turisthus Nord.

Up to 69,000 international guests spread over 43 trips will travel to Skagen during the cruise season of 2018, which this year runs from May 3 to September 30. This is 27,000 guests more than last year, and more than twice the number of passengers as in the year of 2016.

According a survey by Epinion, concerning guest’s satisfaction onboard cruises in 2017; the high number of cruise passengers this season can look forward to visiting the tip of Denmark. Among the 40 possible coastal destinations in Denmark, 9,400 passengers put Skagen as the top destination. Not least because of a high level of service onboard the cruise.

Source: Turisthus Nord / Maritime Denmark

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