Strategizing creates better results in Grenaa

Strategizing creates better results in Grenaa
Henrik Carstensen, CEO and Bent Hansen, Chairman of Grenaa Port.

24-04-2018 09:00:00

Grenaa Port came out of 2017 with a significantly improved bottom line and an increase of 6 percent in revenue from freight amounting to 1.45 million tonnes. Overall turnover declined as expected due to divestment, "The Port of Grenaa announces.

The chairman of the Port of Grenaa, Bent Hansen, was indeed satisfied with the 2017 results, when he on Monday filed report.

"It is now clear to everyone that the chances the port has taken and the rather large investments have been the right decisions. The Port of Grenaa has fulfilled the Board and the outside world expectations over the past year and has delivered a number of results, which are directly and indirectly are results of the strategy we have laid for the development of the port, "said Bent Hansen in his report.

"Today, we can literally see growth along the docks of the port. And we can see the results in the accounts presented by the Board today. An account that the Board regards as very satisfactory, "said Bent Hansen.

The portís turnover declined as expected from 52,7 million Danish kroner to 50,7 million Danish kroner, due to a divestment of tank farms, but the result rose from 8 million to 8,5 million Danish kroner, which was 2,5 million better than expected.

"We have achieved the desired increase in the port's freight tonnage, but we had a projected decline in revenue from the divestment of tank farms. Nevertheless, we can present a result that is significantly above budget, "says Henrik Carstensen, CEO. in the Port of Grenaa.

Source: Grenaa Havn / Maritime Denmark

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