Worlds largest ports gives green advantages

Worlds largest ports gives green advantages

19-04-2018 11:30:00

A new report from International Transport Forum (ITF) shows that 28 of the worlds 100 largest ports, measured by volume, are creating special advantages for environment friendly vessels. These ports can help support the new IMO goals revolving CO2 emission, but so far the effects are marginal.

A number of ports in the Unites States are giving discounts to vessels who reduce their speed levels once they are ready to enter the port, while the Panama Channel administration have chosen to give first priority to environment friendly vessels by giving them first pick on slots.

In Spain they have implemented incitements on the supply and license criteria’s of tugboat services, while in Shanghai they have a fee system for emissions in ports. In Norway a tax on NOx emission has been implemented.

According to the report, these initiatives are suspected of having only a marginal effect on shipping emission – and it is only the reduced emission caused by speed reduction while entering the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which were significant.

The mentioned advantages account for less than 5 percent of the vessels that arrive at the ports.

Source: World Maritime News / Maritime Denmark

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