EPA tightens control of bunker companies

EPA tightens control of bunker companies

16-04-2018 15:00:00

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will tighten the control of bunker fuel prior to the introduction of new sulfur laws, which will be in effect from January 1 2020. The bunkers company Monjasa has pointed out that it is too easy for ships to cheat the system with bunker fuel because it is not really checked whether the ships have scrubber systems on board, writes Danish paper Søfart.

"The EPA expects to succeed in increasing control over bunker fuel suppliers in Danish ports and Danish waters in 2018. The effort may include collecting samples in connection with bunkering and control of the sulfur content of the representative sample, writes a special consultant at the EPA, Dorte Kubel, in an email to Søfart.

However, according to Søfart, consultants believe that current guidelines regulated by EU and FN’s maritime organization, IMO, for how to enforce the sulfur regulations, ensure that the rules are being followed.

The forthcoming regulations mean that the sulfur content must not exceed 0.5 percent Compared to the current 3.5 percent. At the same time, it is being proposed for ships without scrubber systems should not be allowed to travel with high sulfur oil.

Around Denmark in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, it is not allowed to travel with oil containing more than 0,1 percent sulfur.

The EPA takes these samples by having the supplier submitting a bunker delivery note and a representative bunker fuel sample.

However, Up until now the EPA has not conducted active control of the sulfur content of the bunker delivery note or if the fuel sample has been taken correctly, Dorte Kubel reports to Søfart.

Source: Søfart / Maritime Denmark

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