New record for fish landings in Danish ports

New record for fish landings in Danish ports

09-04-2018 15:00:00

Fishlandings in the largest fishing port have increased in 2017 compared to 2016. In fact, landed quantities are the largest of the period where the Danish Agrifish Agency has published data for landings in 10 selected ports. Unfortunately, value does not follow.

"As in all free markets, the market principles also apply to fisheries. The large supply of sand lance fish has lowered prices for industrial fish in general. Therefore, the kilo prices on industrial fish have declined in 2017, "said port director at the Port of Hanstholm, Niels Clemensen.

The Danish Agrifish Agency has recently published the fisheries statistics of 10 fishing ports. The ports catch more fish than ever before. Despite growth in the amount of fish landings, the collective value of the fish has decreased.

It is especially a large amount of sand lance fish and the large supply of industrial fish that contributes to the large amounts of fish landings in the Danish ports in 2017 compared to 2016. Sand lance fish are approximately 30 cm long fish, which is used in the Danish fishing industry to make fish flower.

The large supply of industrial fish has its problems for the fishing ports. The Fishing market is a free market, where the market principles and price mechanisms regarding supply and demand has significance. This has helped push prices down.

"Counting fish landings from fishing vessels, transhipment fish from foreign vessels that were directly put on trucks to be send abroad and fish supplied by car from other foreign ports for sale at the port's auction facilities, we reached over a billion Danish kroner in landing value in 2017", says Niels Clemensen.

The fishery statistics for the 10 chosen ports covers a market cut of 97,5 percent of all fish landings in Denmark. The statistic for 2017 can be seen HER.

Source: Dansk Havne / Maritime Denmark

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