Maersk Container Industry goes bananas

Maersk Container Industry goes bananas

04-04-2018 14:00:00

The world’s most known banana producer and distributor, Chiquita Brands International, has chosen Maersk Container Industry as supplier of 2500 advanced cool containers, which will keep the bananas fresh for a longer period of time secure the quality bananas for supermarkets on a global scale.

"We are very proud that Chiquita has chosen Star Cool containers once again, in order to optimize the company's fruit logistics and deliver high-quality bananas to consumers," says Søren Leth Johannsen, Commercial Director of Maersk Container Industry (MCI).

"When you hear Chiquita, you think of bananas, which is a challenging fruit to transport over long distances. We are therefore very pleased that Chiquita has decided for themselves that Star Cool CA is a robust and reliable solution for the transport of their bananas, "He adds.

Out of the 2500 container, 1000 of them are supplied with MCI´s Star Cool Controlled Atmosphere (CA) system, which is effective for keeping the bananas fresh during transport. The CA system makes sure the ripen process is controlled, thus the fruit can manage a longer transportation period up to 45 days, the company has written in a press release.

The new 40 feet containers will be delivered to Chiquita directly from MCI´s factory in Qingdao, Kina, to Moin in Costa Rica.

Source: Maersk Container Industri / Maritime Denmark

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