Denmark’s climate ambitions not best in EU

Denmark’s climate ambitions not best in EU

23-03-2018 14:00:00

Denmark's efforts in IMO regimes vision towards a more climate-friendly shipping industry only made 8th place among EU countries, an survey from the NGO organization Transport & Environment has shown. Germany, Belgium and France are top of the list, while Italy, Cyprus and Greece are the countries that struggle the most.

Prior to the negotiations in the IMO in April revolving the establishment a strategy to reduce shipping emissions of greenhouse gases, the organization Transport & Environment listed the EU countries' ambitions in this area.

The countries were awarded points based on their attitude towards and answers to a number of the crucial issues associated with reductions in shipping climate impact. Subsequently, the answers were considered in relation to the countries' tonnage.

Denmark was placed in the group of EU countries with ambitions of reducing emissions from industry in order to support the Paris ambition of a 2 degrees temperature rise. But we were expecting a better position than 8th place .

It is looking even worse for the EU countries that also have the largest registered tonnage. Here, Malta, Greece and Cyprus are the countries that have the absolute lowest ambitions in regards to the climate ambitions.

"When the European Parliament sought initiatives regarding shipping discharges in 2017, the EU's largest maritime nations advocated that the EU should not regulate shipping because everyone was best served by the IMO regime. But the same countries are now working on deriving a progressive climate agreement for shipping in IMO, "explains Faig Abbasov from Transport & Environment in connection to the survey.

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Source: Transport & Environment / Maritime Denmark

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