Molslinjen awaits passenger no. 100 million

Molslinjen awaits passenger no. 100 million
1968 passenger no. 1 million

22-03-2018 15:00:00

Since 1966, Molslinjen has transported passengers between Jutland and Zealand and now the company is about to hit a historic milestone. This milestone comes will be reached when passenger no. 100 million walks onboard one of the company’s ferries.

In 2017 the company had its 99th million pasenger onboard, which means that passenger no. 100 million is just around the corner, the company has informed.

In 2017, Molslinjen had its largest number of passengers onboard in the company's history. Almost three million people chose one of Molslinjens fast ferries last year for the route between Jutland and Zealand. The bus route Kombardo Expressen accounted for about 100,000 passengers.

The route was consencrated by proprietor Valdemar Olsen on May 18, 1966, where music and party lit up the ferry "Mette Mols" on the first trip from Ebeltoft to Zealand's Odde.

"It is a piece of history in Danish transport, which we will mark. How we will do it, we do not know yet, but we intend to make the trip a little special for the passenger who makes the counter hit 100 million, "Molslinjen's CEO. Carsten Jensen promises.

Depending on the influx of passengers, passenger no. 100 million will be onboard a ferry in early spring, the company informs.

Source: Molslinjen / Maritime Denmark

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