Reefer ship leaks oil in Kalundborg Fjord

Reefer ship leaks oil in Kalundborg Fjord

21-03-2018 14:00:00

The captain of a reefer ship hit alarm yesterday afternoon because the ship had a hole in the hull and leaked oil. The ship sailed towards Kalundborg Fjord, where the Navy Home Guard quickly arrived and set up flood barriers.

The Marine Home Guard reported that the reefer ship Crown Ruby left a 1,3 nautical sea mile long trail of heavy fuel and oil spill. The ship was heading from Sankt Petersburg to Panama, when the damage to the hull was discovered and the ship stopped at Røsnæs in Kalundborg Fjord.

At 15.00 o’clock, the Marine Home Guard in Kalundborg was alerted and the local vessel, 'MHV 912 Holger Danske', left the harbor with a crew of a total of 10 volunteers at 16.10. They were reached the reefer ship 25 minutes later.

The captain of Holger Danske, Lieutenant Flemming Buch, sent Holger Danske’s Inflatable boats of to sample the oil, and the flood barriers were put out to contain the leaking oil.

Holger Danskes 360 meter long floating barrier was attached to each side of Crown Ruby, so that the ship's rear end and the hole in the hull are encircled in order to keep the oil in check.

The Royal Danish Navy’s environmental vessel ’Gunnar Seidenfaden’ stepped up and took charge of the task, and ’Holger Danske’ and its crew were back in Kalundborg at 23.00 o’clock.

Source: Marinehjemmeværnet / Maritime Denmark

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