Statoil accused of underpaying Asian workers

Statoil accused of underpaying Asian workers

19-03-2018 15:00:00

Statoil are in the spotlight for renting a heavy lift vessel from a Dutch company accused of paying Asian workers as little as 23 Danish kroner an hour. The Dutch company, Heerema, state they comply with all requirements of the International Transport Workers' Union (ITF).

12-hour workdays for 12 consecutive weeks for a daily salary of 45 dollars are the terms that Asian workers on a Dutch airship deal with, writes the Norwegian newspaper, VG. These conditions are shocking to the Norwegian trade union.

Norwegian workers can earn 300 Danish kroner an hour on an airship. If it is true that Asian workers earn so little, Statoil has a lot to explain because they are the ones renting Heerema, says Jørn Eggum, head of the largest private trade union under Norwegian LO.

Heerema refuses to comment on individual cases and state that they comply with all rules of the International Transport Workers' Union, ITF.

Statoil refers to the fact that the Dutch company, which has registered the ship in Aberdeen, Scotland, has signed papers saying they are true to Statoil's "supplier's declaration". Among other things, the suppliers declaration states that suppliers must treat their employees "fairly and right" and that Statoil will not tolerate any form of discrimination based on "race, color, gender, religion, political beliefs, nationality or social background".

Statoil has no further comments.

Source: VG / Maritime Denmark

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