Molslinjens buses takeover in Bornholm

Molslinjens buses takeover in Bornholm

16-03-2018 10:00:00

Molslinjens new and successful bus routes between Aarhus and Copenhagen, the Kombardo Express will expand its concept when Molslinjen on September 1st 2018 takeover the ferry route in Bornholm. The purpose of the ferry buses is to bring people who commute and other passengers fast, cheap and direct between Rønne and Copenhagen.

"When we visit Bornholm, we are very often asked about the Kombardo Express so we sense that there is a clear wish from Bornholm that we take the bus concept with us," says Molslinjen Commercial Director Jesper Skovgaard.

Kombardo Expressen is a cooperative project between Herning Turist and Molslinjen, which, with 150 weekly departures, brings passengers back and forth between Aarhus and Copenhagen. The bus line was established last summer and was an immediate success.

The Kombardo Express route will go directly from Rønne to Copenhagen 56 times a week. Wi-Fi is available throughout the trip, and where bicycles and prams can be brought along. Prices start from 139 kroner, and tickets are already available.

"It is obviously great for those who commute both ways, and we expect that the people of Bornholm will take several short trips to Copenhagen, and that many more will visit Bornholm on short business trips and weekend stays. In connection with major events in Bornholm, we also have the opportunity for the express bus to service the guests all the way to the event venue, "says Jesper Skovgaard.

Source: Molslinjen A/S / Maritime Denmark

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