Tension in Danish marine association

Tension in Danish marine association
Per Jørgensen, former Chairman of Maskinmestrenes Forening

14-03-2018 11:30:00

The case of exiling the chairman of Maskinmestrenes Forenings (Marine engineer association) is going to be the topic of debate when the union have their general meeting today in Nyborg. Numerous members have already expressed their strong dislike in the board for exiling the chairman of many years, Per Jørgensen.

In a letter addressed to the board of directors, five members of the association have questioned the boards decision to exile Per Jørgensen and are in the same letter curious to know why the board did not step in earlier to deal with what they described at the time of the exiling the chairman, as "a breach of appropriate usage of the unions credit card." A statement that Per Jørgensen considers to be untrue.

"The Board has been strikingly silent. It is poor management of the association when no information is given about such serious accusations” is one of the things machine engineer Johnny Nielsen writes in the letter, according to Jyske Vestkysten.
One of the other signatories, Circuit Chairman of the Southern Jutland, Morten Kaasen, from Haderslev, says to the newspaper:

"The board of directors has to invest in the interests of the members, and this can not be done by keeping silent about the matters! This is very poor communication. We have tried to get information from the board about the matter of if a new president is to be elected but it was completely impossible to know anything and therefore we could not reach candidates before the deadline expired on 15 January, according to the articles of association " says Morten Kaasen.

The temporary chairman, Jan Rose Andresen, does not wish to comment on the case to the press.

Per Jørgensen was resigned as president in December last year, while information about the exclusion was given in the association's annual report, which was published in February.

Source: Jyske Vestkysten / Maritime Denmark

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