Maersk declare general average after fire

Maersk declare general average after fire

14-03-2018 11:00:00

Maersk Line has declared "general average" after last week’s fatal fire on the container ship Maersk Honam. The partner MSC have announced that all of the company's containers will be under the control of the Richards Hogg Lindley (RHL) valuation company in London until all safety measures have been taken.

"Maersk Line has yet to confirm when and where their vessel will be at wharf and unloaded," MSC writes in a message to customers.

The 2M alliance partner MSC also informs that Maersk expects the event last Tuesday to result in "high extraordinary costs". "General average" means that all losses in connection to the fire must be shared between the parties involved.

RHL told MSC that they intend to keep all containers, including MSCs, under control until security is assessed for both the average and the salvage costs.

MSC are encouraging customers to get in contact with their insurance companies to inform them of the situation, in order for the containers holding goods to be released.

"We have not received any reliable information about the condition of your goods, but we will inform you as soon as we know," MSC writes in a note.

Source: TradeWinds / Maritime Denmark

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