Capsized fishing dredger floats again

Capsized fishing dredger floats again

12-03-2018 10:25:00

The fishing dredger, which capsized on Saturday morning just outside of the sailing entrance to Danish seaport Bogensen located in Nothern Funen, was brought back to its correct position on Sunday afternoon, the Danish Defence has informed.

The environmental vessel Mette Miljø was quick to reach the scene, but luckily only a small amount of oil spill had entered the sea.

According to, the two people onboard the fishing dredger M/S Sirius Høj explained that the vessel was carrying a large amount of heavy sand, which was digged from the entrance to the seaport, when the freight shifted to one side and made the vessel capsize.

The accident led to a large rescue process, but the two people were brought to land by the rescue teams inflatable boat. Apart from being wet and cold, the two were in good condition.

Sirius Høj, which is owned by Rederiet A/S is 24 meters long and 6,6 meters wide and hold a capacity of 130 tdw. The vessel was built in 1970 at the Nordsø Shipyard and has since been renovated and rebuild, Rederiet has stated.

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