DFDS secures capacity on Göteborg-Gent

DFDS secures capacity on Göteborg-Gent

06-03-2018 14:00:00

On March 2, 2018, DFDS’ roll-on/ roll-off ship Primula Seaways was hit by a container ship on its way from Ghent in Belgium to Brevik, Norway. The collision did not cause any damage to the people onboard the ship nor cause any pollution, but it did damage the Primula Seaways rear side and a trailers located at the damaged part of the ship's side.

"In order to prevent our customers from being unnecessarily affected by the collision, DFDS’ extensive route network is being used to trade a larger ship from another route with a Gothenburg-Ghent ship. This adds more capacity to Gothenburg-Gent," DFDS explains.

The ship was able to sail to Ghent without the need of assistance. The collision is now being investigated further and the ship wont be operating for a few weeks.

In addition, a roll-on/ roll-off ship is chartered for a brief period of time. This ship arrives at Gothenburg on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. DFDS is considering chartering additional tonnage if the situation calls for it.

With these measures, DFDS does not expect the collision to have further effects on their customers.

The container ship MSC Madrid turned around after the collision and threw out anchor on the nest next to Vlissingen. The container ship set sail towards Antwerp around 18:00 o’clock on Saturday evening and arrived at the port at 23:00.

The Belgian authorities are currently investigating the cause of the collision.

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