Somalia pirates takes shots at tanker

Somalia pirates takes shots at tanker

23-02-2018 12:00:00

Somalia pirates have exchanged shots with a guarded safety crew onboard a Leopard tanker vessel, in what appears to be the first incident within the region this year. Over three courses, pirates shot at the 50.000-dwt Leopard Sun tanker last night 165 nautical miles from the Somalia city Hobyo.

A safety crew onboard the tanker, which is owned by Vitol and Grindrod, shot back at the ship and has just been reported to be in safety. Leopard Sun was on its way to Capetown when the incident occurred.

Pirate experts are saying that this is the first incident that has been reported on the outskirts of the Somalia coast since November last year, when a group of pirates where arrested and brought to Seychellerne to be prosecuted. They have stated that attacks rarely occur.

Investigations are currently taking place in order to understand the level of threat for the group. The attack happened during a time where the coast of Somalia is becoming calmer as the monsoon season is near its end. This makes it easier for pirates to attack.

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