Maersk investors demand immediate results

Maersk investors demand immediate results

19-02-2018 15:00:00

A number of impatient investors are criticizing Maersk for lack of profit and have begun to withdraw from purchasing shares in the company. Maersk is no longer a leading company in the industry and that has led to criticism, just before the capital market day in Maersk, which is taking place tomorrow.

"The growth has simply been less than the competitors," says Simon Johannesen, portfolio manager, the Norwegian pension fund, KLP, to the danish business jounal Børsen.

KLP had 70 million danish kroner invested in Maersk, but back in autumn the company chose to sell its shares in Maersk, simply because the return was better in other companies.

Maersk's ambition has been to have a profit margin of 5 percent more than the average of the competitors, but last year Maersks profit margin was below the average.

The French CMA CGM has replaced Maersk as leaders in the industry and delivered the industry's best profit margin of 9.7%.

Therefore tomorrow will be an interesting day, where investors will demand Maerk’s top management to clarify how it's going to rectify the results and bring Maersk back to a leading position in the industry.

Source: Børsen / Maritime Denmark

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