Sovcomflottanker causes traffic jam in Suez

Sovcomflottanker causes traffic jam in Suez

15-02-2018 13:00:00

Sovcomflot's Aframax Tanker Zaliv Amurskiy of 105,542 DWT hit ground on Tuesday at 4.30pm at the 41-kilometer mark during transit in the Suez Canal. Six vessels in the northbound convoy had to wait nearly a day to continue their voyage.

Allegedly, the tanker hit ground due to failure of the steering machinery. According to the GAC, The vessel was the 19th ship in the Northern convoy, which was made up of 25 vessels. A tugboat helped get the tanker of ground on Wednesday afternoon and tugged it to Port Said.

The incident did not cause disturbance for traffic in the southbound direction. There are no reports of damage to the tanker. On Wednesday afternoon, the convoys could resume their voyage in the northbound direction, so it is back to normal.

Source: TradeWinds / Maritime Denmark

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