Russia behind the cyberattack on Maersk

Russia behind the cyberattack on Maersk
Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Danish Minister of Defence

15-02-2018 14:00:00

The British Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson has stated that Russia were behind the cyber attack, which hit countries on a global scale and also hit Maersk, causing the company to lose billions. The Danish Secretary of State for Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen agrees with this claim.

"It points directly to Russian government and the Russian military" says Claus Hjort Frederiksen Secretary of State meeting in Nato in Bruxelles according to Ritzau Finans.

According to the Danish secretary of State for Defence, the specific danger linked with the attack is that the executors hacked to cause damage.

"The Russians have taken this a level up, where it's only causing damage similar to a military attack," he says.

This is not the first occasion that the Russians are accused of being the executors of the attack, and similar to earlier accusations they have chosen to reject the allegations.

"We consider this unfounded. This is nothing but a continuation of a Russian-fobic campaign that has no evidence, "said Kremlin spokes person Dmitry Peskov to Reuters.

The cyber attack was aimed at Ukraine and spread globally from there.

Source: Nordnet / Maritime Denmark

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