Danish tanker hits ground in Göteborg

Danish tanker hits ground in Göteborg

13-02-2018 09:30:00

Saturday at 15 o'clock the Danish registered tanker Ternvind hit ground in the Gothenburg islands . The vessel was able to release itself and hour later, with the help of a strong wind. There was no major damage to the ship and there was no leak holes created.

"The only part damaged was the steel, so she was allowed to sail on. We expect her to spend three days at the shipyard, "says CEO Tryggve Möller, at Terntank to Göteborgs Posten

The accident occurred as the ship was heading for Denmark. The vessel became victim of engine failure and lost control. The tanker, which was carrying freight, hit ground in Gäveskär off the coast of Brännö in Gothenburg's southern island area.

Little over an hour after the accident, the vessel could slip of the ground. The vessel was towed to a safe anchorage and examined for damage. On Saturday, the tanker could again set sail for Denmark running on its own power. None of the 14 major crewmembers were injured.

The same vessel, which is owned by the shipping company Terntank, headquartered in Skagen, was also involved in the collision with Stena Jutlandica 2015. Read more about the incident HERE

Source: Kustbevakningen / Maritime Denmark

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