Maersk stocks are skyrocketing

Maersk stocks are skyrocketing

12-02-2018 14:00:00

Fresh off last Friday's financial accounting, where the share course of A.P. Møller-Maersk shares fell a little on the stock exchange, analysts and investors have now close studied the financial statements. Because of this more people have made adjustments, and today at 13 o'clock, the company's A and B shares have both increased by more than four percent.

The share course of the two Maersk shares are ranked two and three on the list of shares that increase the most in the OMX C25 index on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, and are only surpassed by TDC, where rumours of negotiations with a possible buyer are floating, now that the merger with MTG Nordics has been dropped.

The entire C25 index is currently on the verge of an increase of a little more than two percent, to which the Maersk shares plays a significant role. If the average share course increase for the OMX C25 lasts for the rest of the day, it will be the largest increase in the index's history.

The index was established in December 2016, where it replaced the C20 index. The highest price increase occurred on January 2 2017, as the C25 index increased by 1.79 percent.

Source: Maritime Denmark

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