Decline in revenue at the port of Horsens

Decline in revenue at the port of Horsens
Claus Holm Christensen, director of Horsens Harbor.

06-02-2018 08:00:00

In 2017, Horsens Harbor took a loss in revenue of freight. The final figure is calculated at 749,511 ton, with a steady and stable distribution over the four quarters of the year. This is a decline from record breaking number in 2016 of approx. 80,000 ton

"Compared to the preceding year, it is especially freight types and special projects, that contributed to the negative feedback. When we look at ships and commodity taxes, the last two of years look rather similar, but the amount of freight has unfortunately dropped, especially in the second quarter of the year. The reason is partly that we had a good year in 2016, but also that we worked on some big projects in 2016, which we did not in 2017, "says Claus Holm Christensen, director of the harbor.

Nevertheless, the result is the third best ever at the port of Horsens.

For Claus Holm Christensen, it is obvious that the port of Horsens needs more space if the port wants to be as successful as in 2016.

"Our land-based areas are close to being filled up and it's great to see that local businesses are busy and that they use the port. But this also means that we sometimes lack space for quay and storage, and this reflects on the revenue, "says the director of the harbor.

Source: Horsens Havn / Maritime Denmark

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