Officers punished for US Navy collisions

Officers punished for US Navy collisions

05-02-2018 15:00:00

Another four seamen from the US Navy have been punished for being partly responsible for a collision including two destroyers last year, which cost a total of 17 crew members life. These are three leading officers from the USS Fitzgerald and one from the USS John McCain.

The chief commander of USS Fitzgerald along with the deputy commander and another officer as well as a USS John McCain commander were found guilty of neglecting their duties. It was an administrative punishment, which means, that the four seamen were given a written warning. This may stand in the way of promotions or lead to dismissal.

Prior to the four seamen, a deputy admiral has been deprived of the command of the 7th American Navy fleet, and other officers from the ships have been removed from their positions.

In June 2017 USS Fitzgerald collided with a container ship outside Japan, while USS John McCain collided with an oil tanker in Singapore in August 2017.

Seven US seamen from USS Fitzgerald were killed due to the accident while 10 crewmembers lost their lives during the USS John McCain collision.

Source: Splash / Maritime Denmark

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