Pearl Seaways ferry installs STM-system

Pearl Seaways ferry installs STM-system

31-01-2018 10:00:00

DFDS Seaways has just equipped the Pearl Seaways car and passenger ferry with an advanced Sea Traffic Management System (STM) that enables exchange of information concerning voyage plans, navigation alerts etc. between ships, ports and other key operators in the business.

The STM system will allow the Pearl Seaways ferry, which sails on the Copenhagen to Oslo route, to share their Voyage Plan with operators on land who can exchange relevant information about the trip to the ship. The information is shown graphically in the ship's navigation system.

The Voyage Plan will also be shared with ships near AIS, which according to the Swedish Maritime Administration can help identify and avoid potentially dangerous situations at an early stage, the Maritime Journal writes.

"We can see that STM simplifies communication with on land operators with value-added services that make shipping more efficient, which helps to reduce costs while increasing safety for our vessels," says Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS Seaways.

"This marks the beginning of a long and exciting journey towards a more efficient and safe operation of ships, which requires less administration and, in the longer term, a more automated operation, "he adds.

Source: Sjöfartstidningen / Maritime Denmark

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