Danish Maritime satisfied with agreement

Danish Maritime satisfied with agreement

29-01-2018 08:30:00

Danish Maritime are pleased that an agreement has been reached on the settlement for the Danish Defence, which implies that the government will reconsider the demand of one large and three smaller environmental ships to an estimated value of 400 million kroner, which will benefit communities and shipyards.

"We have pointed out the number of inconveniences several times and it is therefore very fulfilling that the government has decided to look into the case so that we can obtain fair conditions in Denmark in the competition with foreign yards," says CEO Jenny N. Braat, Danish Maritime.

In the settlement text published on 28 January 2018, it is stated: "Military vessels for the resolution of marine tasks, the settlement parties note that the demand for new environmental vessels are being taking into reconsideration in order to find a possible solution where new military vessels, in addition to the military task solution, in the necessary extent can solve marine tasks."

This will give the Danish Defence an opportunity to create a new demand that fits with the growth plan for Det Blå Danmark, where there is a focus on the importance of developing Danish competencies and innovation, and ensuring the Danish Defence the necessary security of supply in terms of national shipyards and competencies.

Danske Maritime has been questioning the government's way of dealing with the demand for new vessels and ship maintenance work, for a long period of time. The four environmental vessels are estimated to provide employment to more than 400 men a year in areas such as shipyards, local subcontractors and employees in the maritime equipment industry.

"We are looking forward to continuing working with the Danish Defence, which we always have in tasks such as the building of frigates and the Knud Rasmussen class as well as other state vessels. The Collaboration involves building and developing ships for the benefit of both government and industry, and which ensures Danish interests, both for the Danish Defence and socially," says Jenny N. Braat.

Source: Danske Maritime / Maritime Denmark

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