Oil continues to spill from Sanchi

Oil continues to spill from Sanchi

19-01-2018 11:00:00

Chinese maritime authorities have discovered four oil puddles next to where the Sanchi oil tanker collision occurred, which spreads over a total of 101 square kilometres. In total, the oil filled areas cover the size of Paris.

Satellite images show that the smallest oil spill covers nearly 5.5 square kilometres, while the largest covers an area of 48 square kilometres.

Surveillance activities will continue on in the area where the accident occurred and the authorities are collecting water samples for further analysis. Two new oil-fighting vessels have been sent to the area to prevent more oil from spilling and collect the oil. At the same time, underwater robots are going to inspect the shipwreck.

According to Greenpeace experts from East Asia and Japan, Sanchi sunk after an explosion on an spawning ground which is important for many commercial species. In the area many marine mammals such as humpback whales, whales and gray whales are also to be found.

The Iranian oil tanker was transporting 136,000 tonnes of natural-gas condensate when it sank on January 14, approximately 530 kilometres from Shanghai and 310 kilometres from Naha, Japan. Three of the ship's 32 crewmembers have been found dead but not yet identified.

Source: World Maritime News / Maritime Denmark

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