Samsø Ferry will live up to new traveling plan

Samsø Ferry will live up to new traveling plan

22-12-2017 13:00:00

Danish ferry company Færgen has their traveling plan for the route between Kalundborg and Samsø for 2018 ready. The travel plan has taken citizens of Samsø’s wishes into the equation, the company has stated in a press release. The plan also includes that the ferry to Samsø will stick to the scheduel for a change.

”SamsøFærgen is the transportation system that their citizens use to get from Sea land to home, and therefore they need to have a voice in relation to the traveling plan, as best as possible. We are very happy to be able to make a number of Samsø citizen’s whishes possible within the new travel plan, and on top of this we are happy that the number of people traveling from Kalundborg to Samsø has never been higher,” says Johnny Hansen, terminal manager in the ferry company Færgen.

One of the bigger changes is that there is now an agreement that the trip between Kalundborg and Samsø takes 80 minutes and not 75, which the traveling plan until now had said. A change in the harbor plan in Ballen Harbor in 2015 extended the trip with 3-4 minutes. This meant that the ferry could not keep up with the original timetable, but this has now been changed after agreement with ministry of transport, Færgen writes in a press release.

The number of departures will be extended next year, where there for an example of change will be the addition of six trips everyday during spring break.

The increase of departures will happen within a year that has shown major growth in ferry traffic between Kalundborg and Samsø. The routes last chart of traffic numbers shows an 8,3 percent increase in cars on the ferry compared to the same time of last year.

This proves that the ferry traffic between Sea land and Samsø has never been larger. Other then a number of initiatives from Færgen in relation to bettering the routes overall ferry concept, the growth is largely due to the cheap ferry tickets, which is a result of the political agreement of traffic numbers and a great cooperative job with marketing Samsø as a tourist attraction.

Source: Rederiet Færgen / Maritime

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