Media: Hafnia Tankers working on a merger

Media: Hafnia Tankers working on a merger

18-12-2017 14:00:00

Danish shipping company Hafnia Tankers are getting closer to reaching their goals of going public at the New York Stock Exchange through merging, with a goal of making a deal in the beginning of 2018, various finance sources have stated, according to TradeWinds.

”I would be very surprised if they weren’t the next company to move towards consolidation,” says a source to the media.

The company has hired M&A experts from the advisory investment bank PJT Partners and has started contacting companies,that are already established in the stock exchange, with the hopes of making a merger.

PJT is a leading M&A consulting investment bank, which has its roots in the equity fond Blackstone Partners, who are one of the biggest owners of Hafnia Tankers.

Close sources of Hafnia Tankers confirmed that they have hired PJT but downplay the significance of the corporation, describing it as ”nothing major”.

Possible partners according to TradeWinds for a merger include international Seaways, Scorpio and Gener8.

Hafnia Tankers own 36 tankers with an averge age of five years and a value of 809 million dollars, according to VesselValue.

Source: TradeWinds / Maritime Denmark

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