25 mio. for maritime educational programs

25 mio. for maritime educational programs

13-12-2017 11:00:00

The Danish Maritime Fund has decided to put 25 million danish kroner towards bettering maritime educational programs in Denmark over the course of the next two years. This will be done by targeting ten specific initiatives in 2018-19, the fund states in a release statement.

"Education and recruitment is a very important part of the Fund's activities, as they show good results. Therefore we wish for this to continue and develop, "says Tommy Thomsen, chairman of the board.

Amongst other things, the fund has chosen to focus their resources on funding PhD programs, continuations of maritime MBA programs, and the maritime schools in Denmark as well as internships. On top of this, the fund wishes to put resources towards the development of new after-programs and further education initiatives in Danish maritime administrations Det Blå Danmark.

Chief secretary Carsten Melchiors has pointed out that it is important for the Danish maritime organizations to be innovative and continually develop products and supply services, and programs for further education for the employees is an important element the portfolio of the fund’s initiatives.

In this way the fund has supported Danske Rederiers initiative Maritime Disruptors Academy, which was established for the purpose of strengthening the shipping companies understanding of new technology as well as new business models in a marked that is rapidly changing.

This programs will be launched in the begining of 2018, where many Danish shipping companies will be attending, Danske Rederier as well as students from Danish colleges such as DTU and CBS. Tommy Thomsen says: ”It is important for the industry to notice the ekspoential digital development, and therefore the fund us pleased to be able to be a part of this type of action.”

Since 2005, the fund has distributed a total of 551 million Danish kroner. In 2017, the Fund has distributed around 40 million kroner.

Source: Den Danske Maritime Fond / Maritime Denmark

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