Fusion could reduce Hamburg Süd’s fleet

Fusion could reduce Hamburg Süd’s fleet

07-12-2017 15:00:00

Hamburg Süd's fleet of approximately 100 owned and chartered ships could be reduced as a result of the requirements A.P. Møller - Mærsk has been imposed following the merger. According to Alphaliner, "at least 25 ships" will be affected.

The reason for reductions in Hamburg Süd's fleet is due to the withdrawal of a number of vessel sharing agreements (VSA), wich A.P. Møller has been ordered from different countries, in order to get the merger approved.

Maersk needed approval in 23 different jurisdictions, in connection with the merger. The last approval from South Korea landed on November 28th and thus triggered the completion of the deal of 3.7 Billion euro.

Maersk Line has not given any specific information about a possible reduction of the Hamburg Süd fleet, but they have written the following comment to Maritime Denmark in an email:

"Hamburg Süd will withdraw as operators of their own ships from the VSA’s, which are subject to the regulatory decisions. We are in the midst of looking at the future structure of Hamburg Süd on these routes that could become projects in cooperation with Maersk Line or in some cases with other shipping companies, "Maersk Line said.

Source: Maritime Denmark

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